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Postcards are yet another excellent and inexpensive way to stay in touch with your customers and remind them of important upcoming events. Contrary to popular belief, not any slip of paper will serve as a postcard; specific demands must be met in order for the post office to mail it. A postcard, or reply card, may not be any smaller than 3 ½ x 5 on paper that is no thinner than .007” thick. Likewise, the card may not be larger than 4 ½ x 6”, as anything larger is considered a letter and the cost of postage increases. Larger postcards have a minimum thickness of .009” and anything below that requires a special postage rate that may be as high as $0.13 for each flyer—a cost that will add up quickly if you’re sending several thousand. However, even within these tight guidelines, there’s still room for some flexibility with many paper options boosting different levels of durability and surface textures.

Athens paper caries a wide range of papers that meet postal requirements. Here’s a brief listing, from least expensive to the most.

Williamsburg 75 lb. Return Card – (100%) Exactly .007 thickness, Williamsburg is a great value and the least expensive postcard available. It is very absorbent with ink, but completely serviceable for simple text.

Domtar 90 lb. Index– (170%) A strong, sleek coat allows for a better surface than Williamsburg and usually available for great value. Offers 92 white and also color.

Utopia 3 100 lb. Matte Coated – (175%) This is an 87 bright sheet, with excellent reproduction surfaces on both sides. Great value.

Accent Opaque or Plainfield Opaque 65 lb Cover – (187%) Solid bulk for both grades, offering durability and brightness that will accommodate beautiful four-color printing.

Knightkote Matte 105 lb Return Card – (195%) A #1 matte with a brightness of 92, this sheet offers superior firmness and clarity over the Utopia 3.

Cornwall or Carolina C1S 8 Pt  – (219%) Use for 7 point requirements. Excellent finish on the top-side surface ready for four color printing, and a contrasting unfinished backside designed to accept pen or pencil, so that recipients may compose their own response to the card. Grades may be purchased in either a 7 point from the mill, and are also available in C2S.

Kromekote C1S 8 Pt– (342%) With a brightness of 92 and with a smooth, almost varnish-like, finished coat, the Kromekote CIS 8 Pt represents the pinnacle of excellent print quality and sends a message that your taste is top of the line. Also available in C2S.


  • For meeting a 9 Point minimum, consider the following:

  • Williamsburg 97 lb Return Card – (100%) No different from the 75 lb.,

  • Domtar 110 lb. Index – (170%) No different from the 7 Point.

  • Plainfield Opaque Vellum 65 lb Cover (152%) – Vellum is only available at the mill and has a rough finish.

  • Accent or Plainfield Opaque Smooth 80 lb. Cover – (187%) Excellent surface

  • Knightkote Matte 135 lb. Return Card – (195%)  No different from the 7 Point.

  • Altima Gloss 100 lb Cover – (215%) # 3 Glossy Cover. Not available in rolls.

  • Cornwall or Carolina 10 Pt C1S – (219%) No different from the 8 Point.

  • Kromekote 10 pt C1S – (342%) No different from the 8 Point.

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