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Pamphlet Printing


Pamphlet printing and distribution represent the foundation of most competent printing services and provide you with yet another practical way to reach your target market with efficiency and style.


What is a Pamphlet?


In printing terms, a pamphlet is essentially an unbound coverless booklet, typically fewer than fifty pages, with an acutely focused subject matter.


The Original Print Job


The power of the pamphlet cannot be underestimated, as pamphlets are responsible for some of the most significant revolutions in history, including the Protestant Reformation and the American Revolution. Pamphlets were originally hand-written and could only be duplicated by transcribing each document by hand, making the small task of even a few copies an outrageously time consuming chore. The advent of the printing press in the 1500s gave unparallel speed to this task, which allowed pamphleteers to blanket towns and villages with their messages. In addition to the amazing speed of the printing press, nothing could compete with the dazzling clarity and precision of the printed word, which endowed every letter with authority and, in turn, subliminally strengthened the argument behind these important texts and helped bolster these major movements. A modern parallel to pamphleteering is blogging, in terms of reaching an audience with revolutionary speed and reach, giving power and voice to those who previously had no means of mass communication. However, even today, the pamphlet remains the cornerstone of the printing world.


Pamphlets Today


Pamphlets are most commonly used in the political world, often to specify a candidate’s position on a particular issue. This speaks to the specificity of the pamphlet. A pamphlet is an excellent way of covering very specific information in a brief, but clear way. If there is a certain element of your business, a unique element that may need to be emphasized or highlighted, a pamphlet is still the most efficient and organized way to address those topics.


Standards and Sizes


Pamphlets are most frequently printed on 8.5 x 11 stock, and folded down the middle to create four double-sided printing surfaces. By converting one piece of card stock into several surfaces, it’s clear why pamphlets remain one of the most economical printing methods, conserving both paper and cost. Very often the turn around time for pamphlets is within one business day; you may drop off your pamphlet in the morning and it should be ready by that afternoon. Again, the ease and swiftness of this process can be used to your advantage, allowing you to supply new information to your market in a very short amount of time. For those new to printing services, a well-designed pamphlet is an excellent and affordable way to get started.

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