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Instruction Manual Printing


Almost every company has some sort of protocol or instruction manual—a different sort of script—that employees or clients may need to refer to. Even in the computer age, printed instruction manuals are valuable assets to any office, especially when the problem you’re trying to solve is your own computer.


What is a Manual?


A manual is a listing of instructions, often technical, that serves as a reference guide, which is divided into several topics. Sometimes these manuals guide a user through a complex process of installing or building a purchased product, where other times it serves as a help index users may turn to when they encounter a question. Likewise, many office environments are required by state law to detail mandates about protocol or work place behavior, as well as have a written guide for etiquette and details of employee rights and benefits. Manuals are also used as teaching devices, especially when instructors need to follow a uniform guide a manual helps insure that everyone follows the proper steps. This is a good way to keep things consistent even at the national and international level. Manuals anticipate questions that may arise and clarifies possible solutions.  Occasionally, manuals that prove to be especially effective and thorough are sometimes published and sold commercially.


Why Get Manuals Printed


Even as company communications shift more and more into the digital age, all important business documents should still be printed. Leaving critical and sensitive company information digital is often too risky for most business owners.  Data is too frequently lost, corrupted, or easily accessed by third-party hackers. Also, a good manual should be easily transportable for mobile employees. Manuals that may contain company policies, especially emergency contact information, are usually required by state law to be printed rather than virtual. Hard copies are also less likely to be accidentally deleted. In the most practical sense, it’s often safer and easier to have a printed copy of all your critical reference material. 

Print And Digital


Printed manuals and digital files are not fundamentally opposed. On the contrary, they supplement each other very nicely. For example, a printer like colorprintsonline.com can keep a digital copy of your manual in a confidential file and print additional copies as you need. The function behind digital files and hardcopy prints is the same; they’re both about making your life easier. Using a commercial printer, however, is still considered the more professional path and allows you to control the exact look and presentation of the manual so that you may better represent and extend your brand.

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