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Printing Release Forms


A printing need that many businesses don’t consider is the constant hassle of corporate liability and required release forms. Neglecting this printing need forcing many companies to spend far more money than they need and illustrates yet again how a strong relationship between you and a reliable commercial printer can save time and money.


Companies Needing Release Forms


Countless companies are required to use release forms in order to avoid legal consequences. A photographer, for example, as well as many designers, artists, and advertisers, needs permission to use the majority of images, concepts, or other copy-written material their work may include or reference. As a form of legal protection, there must be hard evidence in the form of a written agreement, signed by both parties, and kept on record. Professionals in this industry that require frequent use of such documents would be wise to print these forms ahead of time and have them readily available to increase office efficiency.


Press Releases


Another simple way to broadcast your company’s upcoming events, products, and latest news, is by sending out a press release to a variety of publications and periodicals. This is one of the most economical, as well as one of the original, ways companies get their names into the papers and how newspapers stay aware of what’s happening around them. However, while press releases are fairly inexpensive, the creation and distribution of them can be a laborious process and detract your focus from other elements of your business. As with release forms, you can simply e-mail a digital file of your press release to a trusted commercial printer, and let them take care of the printing and the distribution. Because you’ll be sending to the same publications and periodicals each time, this is an easy task that a printer can assist you with. Press releases and release forms are important elements of your business that are too often lost in the shuffle. Add a reliable printing service to your team and let them take care of these important duties for you.

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