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Flyer Printing


While most successful business owners recognize the great value to be had in flyer printing, few fully understand how best to utilize this worthwhile and extremely inexpensive marketing tactic. Smart, attractive flyers are the most cost-effective of any print campaign, affording you even top of the line color prints for a more than reasonable price.

If you’re in the market for a flyer printing, you are already saving money. That being said, grant yourself room in your budget to implement the best color printing possible. Prospective clients will notice the difference, and can make the difference between somebody throwing your flyer away and holding on to it. Stick to a commercial printer who has standards every bit as high as your own.

Give careful consideration to the text you use in your flyer. Recipients will disregard clichéd language at first glance, so devise something innovative and captivating. Try to compose a headline that might stick in somebody’s mind even after they lose track of the flyer. Also, if you list an important sale date or something the recipient will have to remember, it’s more likely they’ll keep the flyer in their possession. The flyer is all about stirring up interest in your business, so keep it brief and unique to your brand.

Every time you print something with your company’s name on it, you’re representing your company. Even an inexpensive flyer needs to be held to the same standards as the printing of your annual report or fall catalog. Clients respect that attention to detail—it does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. In fact, when prospective clients notice that even your flyers are masterfully executed, they’ll know how serious you take every element of your business. Don’t risk your company’s reputation on a cheap, amateur print job. Invest in quality and you’ll always come out on top.

Again and again, having a consistent, reliable printer augments every element of your brand and your company’s communication materials, not to mention the money and time a relationship like this can save. The inconvenience of a reprint can have a devastating ripple effect, throwing several projects over-budget and behind schedule. Likewise, a sub-par flyer campaign will do more harm than good, as they can make your business look cheap and careless. With a quality printing service as part of your extended work force, you’ll never have to worry about reprints or miscommunication; you’ll have the assurance that regardless of the project’s size, your needs will be met with competence and respect.

Do I Need To Use A Flyer?


A flyer is particularly useful for special events, such as upcoming sales, presentations, or company sponsored social events. Flyers serve a dual purpose as they can both announce these important events and also serve as reminders depending on how many you send and the degree of frequency that you distribute them. Because of their affordability and proven success rate, a flyer mailing is an easy way to strengthen any advertising strategy.

Function of a Flyer


There are key differences in the design and purpose of flyers as opposed to pamphlet. A flyer tends to be a single sheet and can be single-sided or double-sided, and as a result contains much less information than a pamphlet. Likewise, a flyer isn’t necessarily targeting a specific audience; it is simply spreading essential information regarding an upcoming event. Also, flyers are not always mailed, but may be handed out on the street, placed on cars, or loosely included within mailings of other publications. Because flyers promote one-time events—a sale, a meeting, a presentation—they do not need to be as durable as a catalog, brochure, or pamphlet, which will all be frequently referred. However, because many other flyers are poorly constructed, a professionally printed flyer will help yours stand out.


Flyer Size


Flyers may be constructed in a variety of sizes, provided the information on the flyer consists of no more than one page; some flyers might be a full page of standard paper and some as small as a business card. Indeed, many businesses employ a wide range of flyers that are different sizes, colors, and weights to distinguish between events. The most attractive flyers are ones that are printed in four-color ink on a heavyweight paper with a light gloss finish—this is far more professional than a black and white printing on standard computer paper and will increase the value of your upcoming event. A flyer larger than 8 ½ x 11 is considered a poster, which will be a more expensive print job and won’t be as versatile as a smaller flyer.


Flyer Affordability


While not every business has the luxury of an extravagant advertising budget, a flyer campaign is the most inexpensive form of print advertising, which ostensibly should fall within any company’s budget.  In addition to being the most inexpensive, flyers require only a minimal amount of labor at the printer, meaning you can get flyers printed almost immediately. The cost and speed of a flyer printing is hard to beat, so even companies with low advertising budgets should consider getting a flyer made. Simply upload your file to coloprintsonline.com and the rest will be taken care of.

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