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Frequently Asked Questions


What does the price guarantee mean?



Color Prints Online guarantees that as long as a customer provides print ready files they will only be charged per copy for a color print on our standard bright white 8.5x11" paper. Now other sites have lower advertised prices but costly upgrades and set up fees will nickel and dime you and have you spending way more than you intended. See more information in our "About" page.


What are Bleeds?



Bleeds occur when printing appears to go all the way to the edge of the printed page. Most documents have the printed image in the middle of the page but if you need to have print all the way to any edge of the page select the "Bleeds" button. 


What does the "#" sign mean when talking about paper?



In short all paper is measured in Pounds. The # sign stands for pounds, for example 70# paper is called 70 pound paper.... Why it is called 70#?


How Do I Set up my files for Booklet Printing



As long as the pages in your file are in order, Color Prints Online will handle the necessary set up. Just be sure to note which page you would like to have as your outside back covers because we may have to add a few blank images to make that appear how you would like it.


What types of files are accepted/preferred?



To recieve your Color Prints Online "No Set up" guarantee you must provide at the least a "print ready" PDF file that is at least 300dpi. We have provided many resources on this site to assist you in doing this effortlessly. For details on using our PDF print driver using Print2US click here for details. If you use Microsoft Office™ click here for more details. 


Is it cheaper to print the files at low resolution?



Color Prints Online recommends that files that need to be printed be a minimum of 300dpi. Our low prices include the highest quality digital prints available for Color prints.


What resolution do the images need to be to make sure they are sharp and not pixelated?



Color Prints Online recommends that files that need to be printed be a minimum of 300dpi. Try to avoid internet images that are typically 72 dpi. This will make your images look blurry and pixelated. Also, any higher and you will have a file that is larger than it needs to be.


How can I get Instant Pricing without having to place an order?



Click "Get an Exact Quote" on the bar at the top of the page, then enter your estimate numbers just like you would a job. Then Scroll down to see your order/estimate total. You can change all of the options around to see how it affects the price of your estimate then if you would like to continue on you can just attach a file using the tools provided on that page.


When can I expect my order to ship?



Most orders ship within 24 hrs on (business days), this is provided there are no issues with the submitted files. If there are any issues you will be contacted by one of our Print Specialists with an exact ship date.


Are you guys running this out of a garage, its cool if you are???



We don't think it would be okay to run out of a garage, plus we don't believe all of our equipment would fit in a garage... We are a Digital Printing company that has been in business for over 35 years, providing quality and outstanding service to our local market and now offering that same brand of service nation wide.


I don't know how to make a PDF, can I just send my file?



PDF files are the preferred file type for submitting an order. Our Price guarantee is contingent on our clients sending PDF files. We can work with some other file types however there may be delays in printing and also additional set up fees. Try our PDF print driver or see our help page for other PDF file resources.

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