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Affordable Color Copy – Fact or Fiction?


Color copy sounds expensive. Those who remember the original color copiers may remembered how precious those first color copies were, as well as how much ink those copies took to produce. Thankfully, advances in technology have made color copies and prints not only affordable, but the industry standard for any contemporary business. To be frank, black and white prints evoke a different millennium. It’s a fact: You can get vivid color copies at a great value, keeping your materials modern, relevant, and affordable.

Finding Affordable Color Copy


The downside to the world of contemporary printing is that many unqualified printers create excellent advertising materials for themselves, but poor quality materials for you. Many printers boast impressive websites, however, they cannot actually deliver the results you need. This is because they either lack the skill, the technology, or the attention to customer service that’s required. These printers fail to ask the critical questions, and purposely hide the finished product until after it’s paid for. You don’t have to tolerate these practices. Take your printing to a company who is deserving of your business.

You want a partner you can rely on, not some shady party that you have to police and inspect. If you want your catalogs, brochures, pamphlets, and flyers to be the best in your field, you’ll need a printer than can match your vision.

You wouldn’t hire just any anyone with a website as a full-time employee, so don’t rush into a partnership with a printer that you’re not familiar with. The volume of work you have is too high to award to just anyone with a printer. Like any business investment, do some thorough research and invest in a printer that can service you for years to come. Take time to compare prices and learn about the quality you can expect from each printer. Taking time before you choose can save you precious time and money later, so be thorough in your research; it’ll be one of the best decisions your business ever makes.

Another factor to consider when selecting a printer is their turnaround time. A good printer will be able to provide you with your prints quickly and efficiently, allowing you to complete your advertising campaign on time. Projects get inevitably delayed during the design phase, so a printer that can win you back some time as that deadline looms is a real asset. In contrast, a printer that’s unorganized or slow to deliver can disrupt your entire vision.

Two other factors to consider are font selection and user interface. Most business owners simple assume that a commercial printing service will have every font available. This is simply not the case. Ask questions and find out. Discrepancy between fonts is a headache you shouldn’t have to deal with. Likewise, you don’t want headaches when it comes to submitting your files to be printed, so be sure the company of your choice has a fast and easy system for you to upload your files and an easy way to place your orders. You don’t want to waste time dropping files into ambiguous cyberspace, so find a company with a submission platform that is structurally sound.

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